Interactive Business Theatre

Interactive Theatre uses lively visual metaphors to allow the company a deeper understanding of emotions and attitudes – and invites participants to influence what is happening on stage.

The participants can interrupt scenes and, supported by the moderator, ask the characters questions about their motives or behaviours.

Due to the action oriented form of Interactive Theatre the audience is emotionally involved, takes position, exchanges opinions and shares experiences with each other. The participants are inspired to work out change proposals themselves and thus participate in shaping the future.
In our opinion this emotional concern that the powerful mirror of theatre can create is the best basis for change with long lasting effect.

Modern education theories and brain research confirm that successful and sustainable learning is always action- oriented and must be experienced with the body and with the senses. This is why Interactive Business Theatre is the most productive learning platform.

We hear from participants even years later how long lasting the effects were of what they had experienced through our Business Theatre. Or, something was stated for the first time on stage that led participants to feel encouraged to get involved in what goes on in the company in a new and constructive way.

Business Theatre is a forum for questions.

Business Theatre helps both employees and executives of the company to recognise typical and conditioned situations and then to respond and act accordingly. It challenges them to think and act in a new way. Business Theatre is a powerful catalyst for organisational strategy development and a dynamic support for the realization of your strategies into daily life.

Our Offer – your Advantage


  1. With our Process-Theatre we accompany you in
    large group events with up to 800 participants. What becomes visible in the process of Interactive Process- Theatre, is then visualised and reflected in workshops and so transferred back into the reality of the daily business world.
  • In our Training-Theatre participants practise and optimise their ability to interact in situations like challenging talks with clients, negotiations and staff discussions. Like in a simulator, they practise their rhetoric and body language abilities and come to new attitudes and insights.
  • Interactive Process -Theatre and Training-Theatre can be used both individually or as part of and kick-off to a larger development process.
  • With our Mirror-Theatre we intensively observe your conference, event or congress and, at the end of the day, we humorously reflect what has happened that day. The essential aspects of the day will be focussed in the mirror of theatre.
  • In Open Stage-Theatre we offer workshops for employees and executives, where participants deal with company issues by means of artistic methods like theatre, film, dance, radio play etc. Open Stage-Theatre is a platform for innovative and creative encounters of the participants. Open Stage-Theatre is excellent for team building processes, for leadership trainings or as creative workshop as part of a bigger company event.
  • Last but not least: We are experienced moderators and will moderate your entire company-event, congress or conference. In many projects in Germany and Europe over the past 10 years we have proven that the methods of Interactive Business Theatre can be used successfully for many different business areas

VIDEO: Business Theatre in Action

Internationale Management -Tagung eines großen Automobilherstellers; Von links Jürgen Häußler, Susanne Er, Zoltan Gal, Ulrich Hartmann Jürgen Häußler Susanne Er, Jürgen Häußler; Bei der Einführung in das Interaktive Unternehmenstheater auf der Tagung einer Non-Profitorganisation. Die Teilnehmer lernen in dieser ersten Phase die Methodik des Unternehmenstheaters und ihre Einflussmöglichkeiten kennen. Von links Yvonne Karsten, Susanne Schneider, Ulrich Hartmann. Interaktives Businesstheater in Wien auf Englisch mit unseren Kollegen von businessteatteri Finnland.