ConfliCt Management

Conflicts are difficult both for the people involved and for those just witnessing them. That is why conflicts are often negated, played down or glossed over. Conflicts “disturb” workflows, they can lurk below the surface for years and, as “cold” conflicts, influence and even poison the organisation of a company.  In this case, employees don’t feel well, may be demotivated, may leave the company or work by the book. Sometimes, this can lead to escalations that can cause a deep crisis for the whole company.

Our Offer – your Advantage


We support executives, companies and non-profit organizations with workshops, moderations, and trainings:


  1. Conflict Management

  2. Preventive measures for strengthening one’s ability to manage conflicts
    Acute interventions in conflict situations and curative measures for better management of future conflict potential, embedded in a beginning organisational development.
  3. Mediation:  a conversation between two or more conflict parties, led by a neutral mediator, where the parties are supported in the effort to treat each other with respect and recognize their own needs as well
    as the needs of the other party.
  4. Conflict Training: seminars where the ability to deal with conflicts constructively can be learned.
  5. Conflict Coaching: work on one’s own ability to deal with conflicts, as well as manage existing conflicts.
Welche „Konfliktkultur“ herrscht in unserem Unternehmen vor? Gefahr und Chance  - die Schriftzeichen im Chinesischen für Konflikt

The Chinese character for "Conflict" is made of the two characters for "Danger" and "Opportunity".