Eine junge Pflanze illustriert die positive Veränderung und den lebendigen Prozess, der durch Unternehmenstheater und Businesstheater eingeleitet wird

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Art Of Change

ART OF CHANGE – facilitating your process for the sake of a successful change.

Dynamic solutions for people and organizations.

Profound knowledge of Change Management.

Creativity from the world of theatre.


Our Philosophy


ART OF CHANGE combines concrete action in the realm of business with art. Every effective and - most importantly – long lasting Change can be considered as art. In our work we focus on every single individual being involved in the process of change. We create processes that support and enable inspiration, awareness and a change of thinking and the way of acting in certain situations. We look at the situation as a whole by looking left and right. We build a bridge between contents, processes and the individual involved. We attach great importance to the topic of veracity and proof which steps have to be taken before we actually take action, without losing sight of the “big picture”. We create a platform to realise a plain and solution-oriented dialogue between those taking part in the process of change.

We enhance, enrich, describe, encourage, advance, activate and construct by making use of our approved portfolio regarding organisational and personnel development. 

This is why ART OF CHANGE offers you a complete architecture of business transformation and creates the necessary balance between management and needful changes.

Our Offer

Business Theatre

Interactive Theatre uses lively visual metaphors to allow the company a deeper understanding of emotions and attitudes – and invites participants to influence what is happening on stage. The participants can interrupt scenes and, supported by the moderator, ask the characters questions about their motives or behaviours. Due to the action oriented form of Interactive Theatre the audience is emotionally involved, takes position, exchanges opinions and shares experiences with each other. The participants are inspired to work out change proposals themselves and thus participate in shaping the future. In our opinion this emotional concern that the powerful mirror of theatre can create is the best basis for change with long lasting effect. More

Change Management

Now more than ever, companies have to renew them- selves. The overall acceleration of change processes requires a high level of flexibility from everyone involved in order to adapt to the continually changing conditions. Just being formed, teams get already restructured; the increase of Merger and Acquisition requires the merging of different company cultures and sometimes also different company values. More

Conflict Management

Conflicts are difficult both for the people involved and for those just witnessing them. That is why conflicts are often negated, played down or glossed over. Conflicts “disturb” workflows, they can lurk below the surface for years and, as “cold” conflicts, influence and even poison the organisation of a company. In this case, employees don’t feel well, may be demotivated, may leave the company or work by the book. Sometimes, this can lead to escalations that can cause a deep crisis for the whole company. More