Dialogue-based Learning and Discovering


Our coaching approach is strongly influenced by systemic thinking. Where am I as a coachee  in my systemic environment and how can I grow in it in a way that corresponds with my mission? How can I evaluate and change my work performance without losing sight of my own concepts of life and my wishes?

In coaching, we don’t give mere advice; rather we give tools that help the coachees to come across with new ideas and concepts, to activate their own resources or to try out new attitudes and behaviours.

Like in trainings, the method of “Action Learning” is an important basis of our work. This action-oriented learning or experience-based learning is based on the work of Reginald Revans and takes into account the individual’s experiences in the context of his or her systemic environment. It is all about exploring a specific situation and then, through reflection, gaining necessary knowledge or revise one’s actions and attitudes.
An essential part of it is to ask critical questions from different points of view.


Our Offer – your Advantage


We support executives, companies and non-profit organizations with workshops, moderations, and trainings:


  1. Individual  Coaching

  2. Team Coaching

  3. Certified 360° Feedback with the PROFILOR tool